Introduction to Search Engine Optimization From A SEO Company

When we say search engine optimization (SEO), what we mean is that we are trying to make a website appear to google as the best (or optimal) source of information on a topic.

With SEO we work on four main areas when we are optimizing a website:

  • Web Page Keywords
  • META Data
  • Page Links
  • Content (Text, Images, Animations, Videos, etc…)
  • Keyword Research – An Essential Part of SEO
    Keyword research for SEO is figuring out what your prospective customers type into Google when they are looking for your product or service. This is an essential part of the SEO process, as we need to find out the keywords that are relevant to your business.
    We use the right keywords in trend to deliver the SEO process for your website. It’s our job to convince Google that you are the best source of information for whichever keyword you choose.
    META Data and Search Engine Optimization
    Meta tags in SEO refer to special areas on your web page – most of them invisible, that contain extra information about your web page. Meta tags are hugely important in SEO because, although they are invisible to us, they are the most visible things on the page to search engines like Google. When Google visits your web page it reads your Meta tags. Meta information describes what your page is about and what your web page has that make it important and relevant. By default, Meta tags are usually empty so filling them up makes it easier for Google to denote what your web page is about.
    Principles of Internet Marketing and SEO
    One of the core principles of Internet marketing and SEO is making it easier for the search engines to sort data. Search engines sort through massive collections of links on the Web and try to make sense of it for us. If we connect – or link together two bits of information that are really relevant then we make life easier for search crawlers to accept and these search crawlers give us a pat on the back by displaying our website higher up the search rankings.

    Our SEO process gets links! We need to build a collection of links to your website. Google wants to find you and connect you to something. If we make you easier for it to find and what you are connected to then we are giving it good reason to notice your site.
    Why is Content King?
    Content. There’s a saying – Content is King. Why is Content King? – Because content is information that drives the Web and that’s the only thing which search engines look for, online. Of course it’s never that straightforward is it! In order to stop people ‘tricking’ it, Google has developed mechanisms to decide whether content is genuine and deliver quality results for every search performed online. It’s our job to produce content that is quality information as far as Google is concerned. An example of quality is uniqueness – if your content is unique on the Internet, then it’s better quality.

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    Top 5 Reasons To Optimize Your Website

    So you’ve taken the plunge, or maybe you have just dipped your toe, but now – at last – you have a website. Pat yourself on the back because no longer are you one of those struggling companies who still do not have a business website.

    Many people believe that having a website is a means to an end – which will constitute website visitors, new leads and a new revenue stream. Not true! Having a website is only the first step. There is most definitely a misconception out there; the “if we build it, they will come” type belief does not hold true in the online world. From the early stages of designing a website and throughout the life of the website, you should consider Website Optimization along the way.

    To optimize your website involves using a variety of Internet Marketing and Online Marketing strategies. For example, Keyword Research, Website Usability and SEO are key ingredients that make-up the Optimization Pie.
    But why do you need to optimize your website? Well your in luck because we are going to lay out for you our Top 5 reasons why your website needs SEO!
    1. More Online Visitors Use Search Engines to Find Websites
    A thumb through the Golden Pages? A stroll down the high street? Reading an advert in the newspaper? Not anymore. Recent media studies show that more online visitors are using search engines to find good websites. If you optimise your website properly your website will hook-in more visitors who eventually become potential customers.
    2. Gain New Customers with an Optimized Websites
    Imagine you sell bathroom tiles. By having an optimized website for this keyword term, you top the search listings. When someone types “bathroom tiles” into Google search, you feature on Page One on Google’s results. Now consider around 2400 searches per month made for “bathroom tiles”; when your website set up with proper SEO, you instantly gain benefit from a huge number of potential customers.
    3. Web Users Prefer Organic Search Results
    Search Engine Optimized websites almost always feature on the top of organic search results and are preferred by Web users over inorganic or paid search listings. Many websites use AdWords to attract visitors and new customers to their websites. Whilst to an extent you can, this approach is both costly (Google charges you for AdWords, organic results are free) and you are again making yourself invisible to a large number of online customers who prefer to visit organic search results. Online research shows that the majority of Web users click on organic results rather than paid ones, to find the right website.
    4. Top Google Ranking = Competitive Advantage +1
    By carrying out Online Marketing and proper website SEO, you can get established on Page One on Google for keywords that are important to your business online. Internet marketing is an ongoing process and if done continually, can get you a top Google ranking which gains you a competitive advantage over your online competitors. The competitive advantage of a top Google ranking makes you unbeatable and very difficult to overtake, amongst your online competition.
    5. Website Visitors Love Good Content and Design
    Are your USPs and call to actions compelling to your website visitors? Is your content engaging? Is your site easy to use and navigate around? Is it mobile friendly? Does your website look good? Having good content on your website compels website visitors to stay and gives you a chance to make a sale. A well-designed website with good content can satisfy website visitors.

    There you have it Zietag’s Top 5 Reasons That you need SEO